Hot-wire foam cutters

Cutting polystyrene (foam) by hot wire is an easily accessible and economic solution for volume production of any object. It consists of moving a wire heated to the correct temperature through a block of material; in this case polystyrene.

Your composition is created in a vectorial file. Then the shape to be cut out is calculated and processed in the JiPers software to have a minimum number of actions required by the operator. Imbricated shapes are cut out by means of a simple line drawn freehand or created automatically in our JiPers software.

The file thus obtained is transferred to the foamcutter and stored in memory, ready for the cutout. The cutting parameters are easily accessible, and vary according to the characteristics of the materials.

We can obtain an infinity of colours and textures using a wide range of products suitable for decoration and compatible with polystyrene. Please visit our Links for an informed choice of finishing products.


polystyrene cutting of a letter polystyrene column cutting with a jipers machine decoration create with a cutting of polystyrene